Rental Finance Management


Protect Your Income

TriStar protects your income through timely rent collection and careful bookkeeping. Our rental finance management services help you understand the health of your investment and simplify your yearly tax filings.


In addition, income and expenses can be viewed at any time through an owner portal, allowing you to track average monthly income, identify payment patterns, and more. We carefully review monthly and yearly reports for discrepancies and areas for improvement, so you can be confident your investment is performing at its best.

Services Include

Rent Collection

Unlike with a business, your rental property only has one stream of income—rent. Our tenant screening process  decreases the likelihood of late payments, but we’ll address payment issues directly with the tenant so you don’t have to.

TriStar Property Management uses an online payment portal to cut down on processing time. If your tenant opts for another payment method, however, we’ll ensure it is deposited in your account promptly.

Monthly Statements

Monthly statements allow you to identify trends in your income and property expenses. While TriStar will review your monthly statements for errors, such as overpaying a contractor, you may also wish to review them to better understand how your investment is performing. Some fluctuations in monthly earnings are normal, but viewing monthly statements over time can help you set income expectations.

Online Owner Portal

Our online owner portal allows you to access your financial records at any time. In addition to a complete transaction history, you’ll also be able to view and download monthly and yearly reports. Your owner portal is where you can find financial insights on your investment. It also allows for fast and secure processing of payments and owner draws.

Year-End Statements

Year-end statements summarize income and expenses for your property for the entire year, which helps you evaluate key performance indicators for your investment and identify areas for improvement. At Tristar, we’ll partner with you to improve your property’s income year after year. Your tax professional will also need access to your year-end statements to file your annual tax return.

1099 Provided

TriStar will help streamline your yearly taxes by providing 1099s in addition to your year-end statement. 1099s notify the IRS of otherwise undocumented income from investments or contract work. We’ll also take care of issuing 1099s to any contractors who worked on your property during the year.


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