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TriStar Property Management is your local trusted property management company in the Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. Your rental property is a valuable investment, and you want the management and maintenance of it in the best possible hands.


Our professional property managers understand the current rental market in Colorado Springs and will help you maximize your return on investment. We’ll find quality tenants for your rental property and handle the day-to-day responsibilities, like rent collection, maintenance appointments and accounting. This allows you to focus on other priorities.

Rental Property

Our property managers at TriStar will consult with you on pricing your property to maximize returns and minimize vacancies. They will also provide best practices for protecting your investment. We know the property features that add real value for tenants and can suggest upgrades that will increase your income over time. We will help you successfully navigate owning an investment property, whether this is your first rental property or you’re already an experienced investor.


Rental Property

Maintaining your rental property  can be one of the most time-consuming  and stressful aspects of self-managing. In addition to coordinating routine maintenance appointments with tenants and contractors, you also have to deal with emergencies as they arise, even if it’s in the middle of the night.

At TriStar, we have partnerships with trusted Colorado Springs contractors, so we always know who to call in an emergency. We also follow a strict maintenance calendar that will keep your rental property in pristine condition.

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Rental Tenant

TriStar manages every aspect of the tenant-landlord relationship, from screening applicants to coordinating move-ins. Our application requirements and extensive tenant background checks help us place the most qualified tenants for your property. In the rare case that there is a late payment issue or other lease violation, we will work with the tenant to resolve the issue and keep you informed on the situation.


Rental Finance Management

Rental finance management with TriStar allows you to understand the financial health of your investment. Our online owner portal tracks rental income and expenses in real time, so you can see payment patterns and understand your average monthly earnings. We also provide yearly statements to help you measure the long-term performance of your property and simplify your tax filings. We will provide you a 1099 at year end to simplify your tax filings.

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Renting through a reputable property management company means your concerns as a tenant will be responded to promptly and professionally. At TriStar, we keep rental properties in the best possible conditions and are available 24/7 for emergencies. Our lease agreement is crafted to protect both you and the property owner, and we’ll always communicate openly with you regarding maintenance appointments and what you can expect when renting from us. Browse available rentals below. 



Pricing a rental property fairly requires looking at location, current market values, active supply of competing rental properties and the features of the property. Our professional property managers will come to your rental property for a free assessment  and give their professional opinion on a rental price that is both fair for the current market and profitable for you as an owner. Optimizing the rental rate to ensure your property has a qualified tenant while maximizing revenue in our priority. 


TriStar Property Management serves Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas, including:

If you own a rental property in Colorado Springs or any of the neighborhoods listed above, contact us  today for your free rental assessment. We’d love to advise you on owning a successful rental property and discuss how our services can help.


HB 19-1106 Compliance:

For our company, the hard costs associated with running an application include but are not limited to: paying our third-party software provider for credit, eviction, and criminal background history, paying our staff member(s) to process the application. The labor/time associated with running an application typically includes working with the applicant to ensure the application is completed, communicating with the prospective tenant throughout the application processes, and working to obtain past rental housing references, proof of income and pet screening. Our application fee is $50 and in nonrefundable.

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