Protect Your Investment

TriStar takes maintaining your property seriously. Not only does proper maintenance protect the value of your investment, but it also keeps your tenants safe and ensures compliance with habitability laws.


We’ll coordinate routine and emergency maintenance with tenants and contractors and be there at the appointment to provide direction. We’ll also make sure maintenance expenses are handled according to your preferences, whether you want to approve each expense  or only ones above a certain dollar amount.

Services Include

Property Maintenance

You may struggle to keep up with property maintenance and routine appointments for your primary residence, let alone your rentals. As your rental portfolio grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to schedule necessary repairs for each of your properties, especially if you need to be present at each one. Poorly maintained rentals are less likely to attract quality tenants  and can even be a liability. TriStar works with trusted community contractors so your property is always safe and looking its best.

Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance is the appointments that should be made yearly or every couple of years to keep your property in tip-top shape. This includes things like furnace tune-ups, air duct cleanings, sprinkler blowouts, and more. TriStar  follows a strict maintenance calendar so nothing is overlooked.

Emergency Maintenance Line

Our emergency maintenance line is for unforeseen maintenance needs, such as a broken window or leaky roof. These are issues that need to be addressed promptly for the sake of both your tenant and the property. We’ll inspect the damage and schedule a contractor to ensure a speedy solution.

Maintenance and Repair Coordination

Maintenance and repairs need to be coordinated with the contractor performing the service and the tenant. Our property managers act as a go-between to find a time that works for everyone and to provide the contractor access to the home.

Home Warranty Maintenance Coordination

Home warranties are a great way to protect yourself from high repair costs. A warranty will typically cover things like repairs to appliances and the plumbing, HVAC, or electrical systems. Usually, the home warranty company is responsible for scheduling a contractor, but we’ll ensure the warranty company is notified of any issues and coordinate with the tenant to schedule a repair.

Move-In & Move-Out Management

During move-in and move-out management, TriStar will facilitate the transition between tenants, from coordinating utility transfers  to replacing locks and issuing keys to the new tenant.

Move-In/Out Inspection

One of the best ways to protect yourself as a landlord is by carefully documenting the condition of the property on move-in and move-out. TriStar  will keep careful records so any damages to the property can be withheld from the tenant’s deposit.

Quarterly Furnace Filter Delivery

Frequently replacing furnace filters is crucial for keeping dust and debris out of the home’s furnace. Not only does this improve air quality, but it prevents costly damage to the HVAC system, which is why we deliver clean filters to each rental property every 3 months.

Drive By Review

We’ll check in on your home periodically to keep it looking its best and repair any damage. One way we do this is through a drive-by review every couple of months, which allows us to address any exterior maintenance concerns.

Bi-Annual Interior Inspection/Wellness Check

In addition to drive-by reviews, twice per year, we will perform an interior inspection of the home. After the inspection, we will schedule any necessary interior maintenance not included in our annual maintenance calendar.

Annual HVAC Service Coordination

From furnace tune-ups to air duct cleaning, we’ll coordinate with an HVAC professional to keep your property’s heating and cooling systems functioning properly.

Gutter Cleaning Coordination

Our expert property managers will coordinate gutter cleaning every fall to ensure rainwater drains correctly and doesn’t cause damage to the home’s roof.

Pre Move-in Deep Clean

Cleaning and shampooing carpets between tenants is a must. TriStar works with a trusted local cleaning service to provide move-in deep cleaning, keeping the home in good condition and protecting your tenants.

Initial and Annual Roof Inspection

We perform initial and annual roof inspections for each property. Catching roof damage early prevents water from leaking into your rental property, causing damage to drywall and flooring and even mold.

Coordination of Annual Aeration/Fertilizer

Colorado Springs lawns need ongoing maintenance to stay green and healthy. We schedule annual aeration and fertilizer to promote grass growth. A beautiful lawn is also a great selling point for future tenants.

Coordination of Sprinkler Blowout/Turn On

If your property has a sprinkler system, we’ll coordinate a sprinkler blowout in the all and make sure the system is turned back on in spring. Scheduling a blowout too early can cause the lawn to die, but too late and your system will be damaged by early freezes.

Initial Sewer Scope Coordination

In older homes especially, tree roots and other obstructions can cause sewage to back up into the house requiring extensive cleanup. To prevent this from happening, we hire an experienced plumber to take an inside look at the home’s pipes, allowing us to catch plumbing issues early.


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